Christmas — A Forbidden Word

Take a look or listen to advertisements on TV, the radio, and throughout the Internet from late November through late December.

Notice in particular how most companies and organizations refer to a certain holiday on December 25th, but oddly enough, such a major and worshiped holiday, and its appropriate greeting, are rarely mentioned these days.

You’ll hear all about “holiday” sales, “holiday” meals, “holiday” trees, and “holiday” everything else, but in virtually all of the talk and advertisements, it’s obvious that those companies and organizations aren’t talking about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.  It’s all about Christmas.  But thanks to our overly sensitive and very politically correct society, mentioning “Christmas” or merely wishing somebody a “merry Christmas” is taboo.




It’s all “Happy Holidays” these days, and not “Merry Christmas.”

It's 'Happy Holidays,' pal.  Now get it right next time!

Can it be true?

Have we become so overly sensitive as a society that the mere act of wishing somebody a merry Christmas could make said person cower away in fright?

I get it that not everybody celebrates Christmas.  That’s not the point here.

That's not a 'holiday' tree, @$$hole!  It's a freakin' CHRISTMAS tree!

When companies decorate using Christmas-themed decorations, play Christmas-themed music in their commercials, and use Christmas-themed sales to attract the mostly Christmas shoppers, then those companies need to accept the fact, grow a pair, and actually publicly acknowledge the Christmas holiday and shoppers.

Don’t keep doing this “Happy Holidays” crap!  It’s way too generic, it’s lame, and it completely disrespects the main holiday that drives the shoppers wild and temporarily boosts the economy.  Here in the U.S., Christmas is king.  Respect the Christmas shoppers and acknowledge the holiday that brings most of them into the stores in search of gifts.

It’s a shame that our society has downgraded itself and virtually eliminated the official recognition of Christmas.  It’s quite hypocritical of itself (no surprise there!) as the stores will gladly welcome the Christmas shoppers, but as far as mentioning that holiest of holidays, well, don’t get your hopes up.  It’s rare to find workers these days who’ll wish you a merry Christmas.  I stopped by three stores today, all of them with Christmas decorations, and each of the cashiers told my dad and I, “Happy Holidays!”

Throw in Best Buy’s recent commercials against Santa Claus.

Best Buy mentioned Santa, featured snippy soccer moms pretty much kicking his ass and belittling him, and yet conveniently didn’t mention anything about Christmas.  Poor old Santa was a punching bag in a series of supposedly funny jokes gone wrong.

How about that annoying Nissan “holiday” commercial offering $500 of “holiday” cash when you purchase a car?  Gee, which “holiday” are they talking about?  Does it have anything to do with the Christmas-like music playing in the background and somebody singing about “the most wonderful sale of the year”?  Is it something that occurs during Kwanzaa?

Screw those companies that take the easy way out with that generic and incredibly lame “Happy Holidays” crap!

If they’re going to use the Christmas season, Christmas decorations, Christmas traditions, Christmas music, and everything else related to Christmas, and not even bother to mention Christmas or wish people a merry Christmas, then they are certified hypocrites and not worthy of being given the time of day.  Unfortunately, that eliminates many stores when it comes to doing my Christmas shopping.

Santa says, "If you shop for my holiday, be sure to say 'Merry Christmas!'"