The Dawn of a New Day


2017 is here and we’re witnessing the transition towards a better tomorrow.

It’s inspirational.

It’s motivational.

And it’s time to finally do something to take advantage of this awareness and positive feeling spreading across the country.

For me, that means getting back into my websites and taking them to the next level.  I’m also aggressively expanding my eBay business, and I’ve started dieting and working out again.  It’s not that I’m overweight — it’s just that I’m not happy with my weight and lack of physical conditioning.  It’s time to change that, and that change begins right now.

Why not start dieting and working out at the first of the year?

Tons of people do the whole dieting and working out as New Year’s resolutions.  They start out strong, but as people get back to reality from the holidays, they tend to slip out of those healthy habits.  A few weeks later, those diets and workout routines are basically non-existent.  It’s no wonder that people are so depressed when talking about dieting and exercising.

For my wife and I, the day after Christmas was incredibly sad and painful as we had to suddenly put down our beloved dog of over thirteen years.  She was a big part of our family, and her loss was a huge blow.  For us, getting back into a normal routine was important to help cope with our loss.  Adding a diet and workout routine just wasn’t going to happen at that point in time.

So I waited a few weeks and settled back into my work routine with eBay.  Now that things have stabilized and we’ve changed into a new administration, it’s time to look again to the future.  It’s time to get back into website development, stay in a workout routine, and it’s time to start a few new projects and see where that takes me.

It’s a very exciting time period, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.