The Downfall of Hollywood

Continuing with our theme of “the downfall,” today we’re talking about one of the biggest businesses of the past one hundred years —- Hollywood.

Since its beginnings, the entertainment industry has brought incredible fame and fortunes to many people, from actors to directors to producers.  It’s a real world that brings the fantasy to life in many different ways and scenarios.  And for many people, Hollywood is a place to be “discovered” and made into that celebrity that has the media fawning over them and fans screaming for photos and autographs.

Being on the outside, many people look at the Hollywood lifestyle and want to believe that their favorite actors and actresses are genuinely good people.  Sure, some of them may get into minor trouble here and there, especially when they are young and suddenly have fame and a fortune, but that’s all, right?

Sadly, that’s not true.  While many actors and actresses wear costumes and disguises for their roles on television shows and in movies, it turns out that they wear other “disguises” to keep their true behavior a secret from their loyal fans and the news media.

That brings us to our subject today — the downfall of Hollywood.

Like many people, I’ve joined the boycott against many of today’s movies and television shows.

One reason is because I’m tired of shows forcing SJW issues and unrealistic situations.  It’s annoying, it’s not realistic, and it’s not right for Hollywood to keep pushing the issues.

Another reason is because I’m tired of actors and actresses using their fame to try to inform me about politics and/or social issues.  Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean jack shit.  I’ve got a brain.  I know how to do Internet research.  I’m also perfectly capable of making rational decisions about where to stand in politics and with social issues.  My research and beliefs are not about to be influenced by celebrities, especially those with little to no formal education in subjects that matter.

The final reason is because many, many people in Hollywood are creeps and perverts.  This has been coming to light over the past few weeks as powerful players and actors have been named, and it seems like the momentum is only growing stronger.  Harvey Weinstein was just the tip of the iceberg.  Kevin Spacey has been named, and recently Sylvester Stallone and even Democratic Senator Al Franken have been named as well.

Hollywood is nothing new when it comes to corruption.  Neither are politicians, but that’s an article for another time.  Right now we’re focusing on the entertainment industry.  I mentioned Al Franken because the accusation against him was from 2006 when he was an entertainer and part of a U.S.O. tour, before he became a senator from Minnesota.

There have been stories and legends coming from the darker side of Hollywood for decades.  Every once in a while there would be a focus on a particular celebrity and his or her adulterous and/or possibly sick and criminal lifestyle, like during the investigation into Michael Jackson in the early 1990s.  We also saw it more recently with Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen.

But the accusations and stories that are being released almost on a daily basis are unprecedented.  This is just short of mind-blowing seeing all of these articles coming to light, many of them detailing incidents from years ago.  Corey Feldman is finally stepping forward and actually naming those who personally molested and took advantage of him years ago.  For years he’s been talking about the Hollywood pedophiles, but until now he hasn’t named his accusers to the media.

The big question is, why is all of this coming out so fast right now?  These articles and stories are seemingly snowballing and growing larger and more powerful.  You know that it’s not over yet, not by a long shot.  More people are going to be named, and some people are going to be shocked learning how some of their favorite A-list celebrities really behave off-camera.  It’s filthy, it’s disgusting, it’s very perverted, and it’s not over yet.

But I ask again, why is all of this just now coming to light, especially since there have been whispers and rumors about so many people, and most of those stories were simply swept under the rug?

My feeling is that it all has to do with President Trump and his strong stance on taking down pedophiles and other criminals.  Did you know that thousands of pedophiles have been arrested since the election last fall?  Oddly enough, the media has been rather silent on what should be a major victory in the war on criminals.  But no, it’s been mostly silence.

Anyway, my feeling is that many pedophiles have been caught, and some have been “flipped” and provided evidence so that the feds can catch the “bigger fish.”  I’m willing to bet that many of those now captured and in jail are associated with Hollywood, and now it’s literally safer to come forward and speak out against the rich and powerful in the entertainment industry.  The gay mafia in Hollywood is a real thing, and they are powerful enough to make people “disappear”.  But when you remove a lot of their henchmen and other players, it’s safer to step forward and make your claims against them.

It’s all about striking while the iron is hot.

Now the media is paying attention.  Now people are listening and taking it seriously.  If you’ve got a real accusation, now is the time to make it public, even if you’re outside of the statute of limitations for making a criminal case.

This is all part of the downfall of Hollywood.

Sometimes it’s necessary to destroy an icon in order for it to be re-built.  I’m perfectly okay with that happening to Hollywood right now.  There are a LOT of corrupt and twisted people out there, and it’s time for them to go.

In the meantime, I’ve (mostly) cut the cord with Hollywood.

We ended our cable subscription over a year ago (it’s just an antenna now), and we stopped going to movies like we used to.  Sure, we’ll still see an occasional major film on the big screen, but that’s when using coupon codes and special deals to make our movie tickets only a few dollars each.  There’s no way in hell that I’ll ever spend what it costs for a premium movie ticket.  Nope.  Not in this lifetime.

I’m not holding my breath that Hollywood will change its ways.  The studios may try to make themselves look squeaky clean in the public’s eyes, but you know that once time passes, it’ll be back to business as usual behind closed doors and at special parties.

After all, even knowing about this corruption and evil behavior, many young people will still seek it out for a chance at being placed in a television show or movie, and living that dreamy lifestyle of being a Hollywood celebrity.