Mid-week update

After applying new SEO techniques and adding two new pages, I’ve already seen a slight increase in natural website traffic at my Intruder Prevention website (– UPDATE – I no longer own or maintain  I don’t do any paid advertising for any of my websites (at least for now), so all of my traffic is from people doing regular searches at the popular search websites and through word of mouth.  And for IP, that natural traffic is on the rise.

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Universe of frozen energy

A study came out recently that pinpointed a massive amount of frozen natural gas on Alaska’s Northern Slope.

And just how much is a “massive amount?”

About 85 trillion cubic feet.  So far it’s the largest recoverable concentration of the gas particles in the U.S.

Both of the presidential candidates’ agendas have the U.S. becoming more energy independent, and both parties proposed using more eco-friendly energy sources such as sunlight, wind and natural gas.

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