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The Downfall of Hollywood

Continuing with our theme of “the downfall,” today we’re talking about one of the biggest businesses of the past one hundred years —- Hollywood.

Since its beginnings, the entertainment industry has brought incredible fame and fortunes to many people, from actors to directors to producers.  It’s a real world that brings the fantasy to life in many different ways and scenarios.  And for many people, Hollywood is a place to be “discovered” and made into that celebrity that has the media fawning over them and fans screaming for photos and autographs.

Being on the outside, many people look at the Hollywood lifestyle and want to believe that their favorite actors and actresses are genuinely good people.  Sure, some of them may get into minor trouble here and there, especially when they are young and suddenly have fame and a fortune, but that’s all, right?

Sadly, that’s not true.  While many actors and actresses wear costumes and disguises for their roles on television shows and in movies, it turns out that they wear other “disguises” to keep their true behavior a secret from their loyal fans and the news media.

That brings us to our subject today — the downfall of Hollywood.

Like many people, I’ve joined the boycott against many of today’s movies and television shows.

One reason is because I’m tired of shows forcing SJW issues and unrealistic situations.  It’s annoying, it’s not realistic, and it’s not right for Hollywood to keep pushing the issues. Read more…


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