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Movie Review – Bullets or Ballots (1936)

Today we’re taking a look at Bullets or Ballots, a classic gangster film released back in 1936.

Bullets or Ballots is a crime film that involves gangsters looking for a new racket and source of income.  While they look to expand their empire, a top New York City police officer is willing to do anything it takes to stop them, even if it means risking his life and infiltrating their gang.

Bullets or Ballots (1936) - movie poster

Bullets or Ballots (1936) – movie poster

Directed by William Keighley, Bullets or Ballots stars Edward G. Robinson as Detective Johnny Blake, a cop who wants to rid New York City of its notorious gangsters.  Supporting him in the film are Humphrey Bogart as Nick “Bugs” Fenner, and Joan Blondell as Lee Morgan.

Bullets or Ballots (1936) - (c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Bullets or Ballots (1936) – (c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Set in New York City, Bullets or Ballots begins with Al Kruger (Barton MacLane) and his underling, Nick “Bugs” Fenner (Humphrey Bogart), going to a theater and seeing a news report about the extent of gangster activities (primarily involving racketeering) in the U.S.  The extent of the racketeering goes as far as installing arcade machines so that kids can play games and lose their lunch money.  The news clip ends with footage of Kruger’s racketeering trial, to which he was acquitted by the jury. Read more…


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Movie Review – The African Queen (1951)

When it comes to adventure with dangers and peril around every corner, one of the best films is 1951′s The African Queen.

The African Queen is set in German East Africa in August / September of 1914, the start of World War One.  Back in those days, much of Africa was still a wild area filled with hundreds of different tribes, some of them fighting one another, the colonial countries of Europe, and of course, the natural elements themselves from dangerous animals to treacherous geography.  For those people who wanted to fulfill their quest for adventure, that itch for exploration, or that desire to conquer the biggest of beasts on a hunt, Africa was the place to be in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The African Queen (1951) - movie poster

The African Queen (1951) – movie poster

Some of those elements are brought to life in 1951′s The African Queen.

Directed by John Huston, The African Queen stars Humphrey Bogart as Charlie Allnut, a Canadian who pilots a small steamboat along the central waterways.  Katharine Hepburn also stars as Rose Sayer, a British Methodist missionary trying to help the residents in the village of Kungdu in German East Africa.  Supporting them is Robert Morley in the role of Reverend Samuel Sayer, Rose’s brother.

The African Queen (1951) - Charlie delivers mail and news to Samuel and Rose Sayer.

The African Queen (1951) – (c) United Artists

The African Queen begins around August of 1914 in German East Africa.  Reverend Samuel Sayer (Robert Morley) and his sister, Rose (Katharine Hepburn), are Methodist missionaries from England.  They’re established a small church in the rural village of Kungdu, but as we see, it’s a bit of a challenge for them to work with the local natives.

There’s a bit of a ruckus as Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) arrives in his small steamboat, the African Queen.  Charlie is friends with the villagers and they welcome his arrival.  Charlie causes a bit of chaos though when he tosses aside his used cigar, something that the simple-minded villagers crave greatly.  This disrupts the Sayers’ church service and ends the service for the day. Read more…

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