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Movie Review – Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Imagine if medical science advanced to the point where surgeons could operate on a person from *inside* of their body.

That’s basically the premise behind 1966’s hit science-fiction film, Fantastic Voyage.

In Fantastic Voyage, a team of surgeons is miniaturized inside of a special submersible that is sent inside of a scientist’s body.  It’s a race against time to not only battle the hostile environment of the human body, but to also reach the critical injury and repair it, all while racing a clock as well as dealing with somebody sabotaging the mission.

Fantastic Voyage (1966) - movie poster

Fantastic Voyage (1966) – movie poster

Directed by Richard Fleischer, Fantastic Voyage stars Stephen Boyd as Charles GrantSupporting him in the film are Raquel Welch as Cora Peterson and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Michaels.

Fantastic Voyage (1966) - (c) 20th Century Fox

Fantastic Voyage (1966) – (c) 20th Century Fox

Fantastic Voyage begins with scientist Dr. Jan Benes (Jean Del Val) fleeing from the Soviets and eventually reaching the United States.  However, just after he arrives in the U.S, Benes’s car is attacked by assassins, and Benes is critically injured.  He quickly develops a dangerous blood clot inside of his brain, and the condition will kill him if it’s left untreated.  The only problem is that the type of surgery required to remove the clot is incredibly dangerous. Read more…


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Book Review – Michael Crichton’s “Micro”

Just how well do you think that you know about nature?

I’m not talking about the weather or geography here, but rather plants and insects; some of the most dominant forms of life on this planet.  If you were to step outdoors, could you accurately name at least some of the plants and insects found outside of your home?

Sadly, I fall with the majority in my lack of knowledge of the great outdoors.  Trees are trees, plants are plants, and bugs are bugs.  Some of them fly, others can sting.  But as a whole, I just don’t have the detailed knowledge that I should have concerning the world found outside of the home.

Michael Crichton --- MicroMichael Crichton’s book, Micro, easily changes your perspective on the world of plants and insects.  Sadly, Crichton died in 2008 before Mirco was finished.  Author Richard Preston was asked to pick up where Crichton left off and complete the story.  Mirco was finally completed and published in 2011.

Micro begins with a corporate espionage break-in of the company Nanigen.  Nanigen’s headquarters is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  The company itself specializes in some incredibly advanced technology.

Mario Rodriguez, the person breaking into Nanigen, is somewhat puzzled as it’s really easy to break into Nanigen.  There doesn’t appear to be any type of a security system.  He walks around some of the laboratories before noticing that he’s bleeding.  The cuts just mysteriously appeared on his body.   Frightened, Rodriguez flees from Nanigen and returns to the person who hired him, a man named Willy Fong.  Fong is being visited by an unknown Asian man when Rodriguez arrives.  Rodriguez tries to tell Fong what happened at Nanigen, but all three men are cut by the mysterious forces and they all die within a matter of minutes.

The police arrive at Willy Fong’s office a few days later and discover the three dead men.  The cuts on their bodies were made with surgical precision.  However, there’s no murder weapon found anywhere inside or outside of Fong’s office.  And to make the mystery even more puzzling, the doors and windows are all locked from the inside.  There’s no sign of a forced entry or a fourth person at the scene of the crime.  It’s as if the three men were sliced open by a ghost.

Mirco then jumps halfway around the world to the land of academia at Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Seven graduate students, Rick Hutter, Karen King, Peter Jansen, Erika Moll, Amar Singh, Jenny Linn and Danny Minot, at an unspecified college are leading experts in botany, insects and venoms.  One day the students are visited by Nanigen’s president Vin Drake, the CFO Alyson Bender, and another Nanigen executive, Eric Jansen.  Eric just happens to be Peter Jansen’s older brother. Read more…

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