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Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” – A Review of a Popular TV Show involving Teenager Suicide

Today we’re taking a look at 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix television show that takes a gripping look at how a group of high school teenagers deal with the suicide of one of their classmates.

The girl who committed suicide, Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford), left behind thirteen audio tapes in which she calls out the classmates who bullied her, and the reasons that led up to her suicide.  Most of the series is told through the point-of-view of Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette), Hannah’s close friend, as he discovers just how much he really knew of Hannah’s teasing and bullying.

13 Reasons Why – Netflix TV show

13 Reasons Why begins with the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide.  Clay receives the box of audio tapes, and he listens to them in sequence and follows Hannah’s journey as a new student during her sophomore year to, ultimately, her suicide in the fall of her junior year.  It’s a rough and emotional journey as he learns the truth through Hannah’s stories and the pieces of evidence that he discovers.  He also realizes just how close he really was to not only Hannah, but to the bullies and their actions.

Before she ends her life, Hannah gives the audio tapes to Tony (played by Christian Navarro), one of her high school classmates that she can trust.  He’s given the job of passing the tapes to each person in Hannah’s listing, making sure that they listen to all of the tapes.  Otherwise, he’s instructed to make the tapes public so that the whole world can hear the truth, a threat that can bring down the entire school system.  Tony has listened to the tapes and knows the truth, and he continually pushes Clay to keep going and to listen to everything, even during trying times.  After all, Clay is the subject of one of the tapes. Read more…


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Samsung’s Smart TV – Is Technology Being Used Against Us?

Recently I saw a television commercial for Samsung’s new Smart TV.

The TV commercial showed off a variety of features from voice commands to gesture control technology.  Visiting the company’s website allows us to see that the features go way beyond that.  Apparently the built-in camera can go as far as recognizing users and logging them into Internet-based applications such as Facebook and Skype.

The TV also comes with an abundance of features and applications, and additional ones can be downloaded from Samsung’s website.  Without a doubt, this is the next generation of high-definition, Internet accessible televisions, something that will set the standards for future televisions.

As a whole the Samsung Smart TV sounds pretty slick.

Samsung Smart TV

But when you look a little bit deeper, these features can easily be used against you as a person and as society as a whole.

Samsung Smart TV – TV commercial

Does this advancement in television seem like innocent entertainment, or do you see other issues that seem downright sinister?

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“Deadliest Warrior” — S03E10 — Vampires vs. Zombies

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 10 — Vampires versus Zombies

For the season three series finale, Deadliest Warrior looks to Hollywood and legendary horror monsters to simulate a battle between vampires and zombies, using science and combat tactics to determine which one is the deadliest creature.

Originating from somewhere in eastern Europe, the vampire folklore skyrocketed in popularity after the publication of Bram Stoker’s 1897 thriller, Dracula.  Vampires are creatures of the night.  Able to transform themselves into bats and thought to be intelligent and with six to ten times the strength of an ordinary human, vampires are creatures feared throughout the night.  And it’s during the night when they feed on human blood.  Using large fangs and razor sharp claws, vampires are considered to be apex predators.  But it’s only during the night when they’re dangerous.  Sunlight can kill a vampire just as easily as a wooden stake pounded through its heart or chopping off its head.

In the world of Hollywood, zombies are the walking dead.  This is not to be confused with the West African and Haitian Vodun (a.k.a. voodoo) religion where a bokor (a.k.a. sorcerer) injects something similar to a psychoactive drug into a living person and essentially takes control of his or her body, whether that person is still alive or recently deceased.  The Hollywood zombies are recently deceased, often slow moving creatures.  Appearing stupid and unintelligent, these creatures will use each muscle and every ounce of power to reach its target — living people.  A bite from a zombie or transfer of bodily fluids will transfer the zombie virus, slowly killing that person and making him or her into a fellow zombie.  Day or night, rain or shine, zombies will roam towns and the countryside in hordes until they stumble upon their next meal and pass along the zombie virus.  A zombie can lose its arms and legs and still keep wiggling itself towards its meal.  A zombie will not stop until its brain is destroyed.  It cannot be frightened.  It cannot be intimidated.  It cannot feel any pain.

One-on-one, a vampire would destroy a zombie.  Vampires are fast, agile, incredibly strong, and can think on their feet.  But when faced with a zombie horde or even an apocalypse, can vampires survive against an army of the undead?

vampire VERSUS zombie - 'Night of the Living Dead'

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“Deadliest Warrior” — S03E09 — Gurkha vs. French Foreign Legion

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 09 — Gurkha versus French Foreign Legion

In this episode of Deadliest Warrior we have a match-up of two World War 2-era armies — neither of which are filled with troops born from the country that they serve.

Originally fighting against the British East India Company in the early 1800s, the fierce Gurkha soldiers from Nepal were later hired as mercenaries and fought for the British Crown and in the British Indian Army, seeing action everywhere from south Asia to the World War One battlefields in France, Turkey, and even Baghdad.  Although small in size, the Gurkhas’ Himalayan Mountain training gave them the physical conditioning to become tremendous warriors.

The French Foreign Legion, on the other hand, is an army filled with not only thugs and criminals, but many people wishing to re-start their life by serving in an army composed of the toughest of the tough.  The French Foreign Legion was created because after the 1830 July revolution, foreigners were forbidden from serving in the French Army.  The Foreign Legion’s purpose was to remove the disruptive elements from society (criminals, thugs, troublemakers, disbanded foreign regiments, etc.) and have them fight the enemies of France.  After serving in the Foreign Legion for three years, soldiers can apply for French citizenship providing they meet the requirements.

While the Gurkhas and French Foreign Legion have both been around since the early 1800s and are still in service today, this episode of Deadliest Warrior looks at both armies during their roles in World War 2 (1939-1945).

Gurkha VERSUS French Foreign Legion

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“Deadliest Warrior” — S03E08 — Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 08 — Thasunke Witko (a.k.a. “Crazy Horse”) versus Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula (a.k.a. Pancho Villa)

In this episode of Deadliest Warrior, the leader of the Oglala Lakota Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn takes on a Mexican revolutionary general who slaughtered dictators and later declared war on the United States.

Crazy Horse’s claim to fame is being one of the greatest Indian leaders in the Great Plains and fighter against U.S. troops.  He led war parties during the Great Sioux War of 1876-77, and one of his biggest victories was the defeat of General Custer along with 268 U.S. troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn.  Specializing in ambushing and hit-and-run tactics, Crazy Horse was one of the bravest and fiercest Indians in American history.

A poor peasant turned vigilante then bandit and ultimately the leader of the rebellion army during the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa used guerrilla-style tactics to fight against the rich and corrupt in Mexico and gave the treasures to the peasants.  Fundraising techniques for his army involved everything from robbing trains and hacienda owners to holding people hostage and ransoming them for money.

Crazy Horse VERSUS Pancho Villa

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E07 – Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 07 — Ivan the Terrible versus Hernan Cortes (a.k.a Hernando Cortez)

Ivan the Terrible ruled Russia with an iron fist from 1533 to 1584.  Mentally abused as a child, a passionate follower of his religion, and a victim to episodic outbreaks of mental health problems, all of those were factors as Ivan conquered lands and transformed Russia from a simple nation state into an emerging regional powerhouse.  As brilliantly as he built the Russia empire and was crowned Tsar of All Russia, Ivan was infamously known for his brutal mental disorders and killing sprees of both friend and foe.

Going against Ivan the Terrible is the cunning and brutal conqueror of Mexico and the Aztec Empire, Hernan Cortes.  An adventurer and soldier of fortune, Cortes waged a personal vendetta to conquer Mexico and destroy the Aztec Empire.  Cortes was also known for his brutality against the Indians and torturous methods of acquiring information and seeking gold.

Ivan the Terrible VERSUS Hernan Cortes

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E06 – Theodore Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 06 — Theodore Roosevelt versus T. E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia)

In this episode of Deadliest Warrior we have a great match-up between two of the best military leaders  in the early 1900s:  Theodore Roosevelt and T.E. Lawrence.

When it comes to modern American history, it’s harder to think of a tougher man and leader than Theodore Roosevelt.  From a cowboy in North Dakota, to a Colonel in the U.S. Army and commander of the incredibly brave and tough Rough Riders, to President of the United States, to safaris in both Africa and South America, it’s safe to say that Theodore Roosevelt was not just an adventurer but a modern day warrior.  His battles alone against Spanish forces in Cuba during the Spanish-American War would catapult him into stardom and help him seal his attempt at the U.S. presidency.

Going against the brawn of Theodore Roosevelt is the brainpower of T. E. Lawrence, the British Lieutenant Colonel who used Arab irregular troops in guerrilla-style, hit-and-run attacks against the Ottoman Empire during World War 1.  Part of Lawrence’s success was from his extensive knowledge of the Arabia region, from field work in Middle Eastern archaeology to extensive travel throughout the Ottoman Empire and vast knowledge about the German trains in the Middle East.

Can the leader of the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War defeat the man who led irregular Arab troops and defeated the Ottoman Empire during World War 1?

Theodore Roosevelt VERSUS T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E05 – Saddam Hussein vs Pol Pot

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 05 — Saddam Hussein versus Saloth “Pol Pot” Sar

This episode of Deadliest Warrior turns to two of the most evil dictators of the twentieth century:  Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot.

Here we’re not talking about military leaders who crushed opposing forces.  We’re not talking about glory on the battlefields.  In this episode we’re talking about two dictators who had so little regard for human life that they brutally tortured and killed innocent citizens of their own countries.

During his reign of power, one of Saddam “The Butcher of Baghdad” Hussein’s most infamous acts was the al-Anfal Campaign, also known as Anfal.  This was a genocidal campaign primarily against the Kurdish people of northern Iraq.  Commanded by “Chemical Ali” and carried out by the Iraqi Army, attacks and methods used to fight the Kurdish guerrillas and civilian population included ground assaults, aerial bombardments, and of course, chemical warfare.  Those people captured in Kurdish towns were processed and executed in concentration camps.  An estimated 200,000 to one million Kurdish civilians were massacred in Saddam’s genocide of Kurdistan.

Pol Pot’s most infamous act during his reign of power in Cambodia was during the Khmer Rouge period of 1975-79, also known as the Cambodian Genocide / Holocaust.  After taking control of Phnom Penh, Pol Pot began his vision of Year Zero and the new creation of Cambodia’s history sculpted to his liking.  The Year Zero concept involved essentially emptying the city of Phnom Penh as well as other major towns and cities, and basically killing anybody who was an intellectual, teacher, artist, historian, musician, etc.  Rebuilding his communist utopia would only require a few million people, and as far as the rest of the population, the chilling saying was, “To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.”  The mass graves and killing fields throughout Cambodia estimate the death toll from the Khmer Rouge period and Year Zero concept to be between 1.4 million and 2.2 million people.

Saddam Hussein VERSUS Pol Pot

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E07 – Shaolin Monk vs Maori Warrior

Deadliest Warrior — Season 01, Episode 07 — Shaolin Monk versus Maori Warrior

This episode of Deadliest Warrior takes us to two remote and lesser-known parts of the world:  Denfeng, China and east Polynesia/New Zealand.

Up first we have China’s Shaolin monk.

Don’t let the small size or seemingly peaceful and remote lifestyle of the Shaolin monk throw you off guard.  Extremely skilled in martial arts and very deadly with their weapons, the Shaolin monks will prevail when defending themselves and their monastery.  The monks wanted to live a peaceful lifestyle, but because of attacks from bandits and other troublemakers, the monks learned kung fu and practiced the art to deadly levels.  But rest assured, the monk’s Buddhist code prevented them from being the attackers.  Their deadly skills were only used in defense.

Going against the Shaolin monk is the Maori warrior.

Hailing from eastern Polynesia and New Zealand, the Maori culture was one that focused on warfare.  Battles between tribes were common.  The dedicated and fearsome warriors would continue attacking, even after being seriously wounded.  After battles, sometimes the victors would eat parts of their enemy’s body, gaining even more mana and spiritual power for future battles.  Strength and aggression were key factors to the Maori warrior’s success in battle.

When looking at the Shaolin monk and Maori warrior, it’s hard to find two cultures with a greater difference.  From size to weapons to fighting style to personal beliefs, these are two OPPOSITE cultures.  Can the smaller Shaolin monk find a way to defeat a larger and more intimidating Maori warrior?

Shaolin monk VERSUS Maori warrior

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E06 – Green Beret vs Spetsnaz

Deadliest Warrior — Season 01, Episode 06 — Green Beret versus Spetsnaz

This episode of Deadliest Warrior jumps into modern warfare and puts the U.S. Army Special Forces against the Russian Spetsnaz.  Considered to be the elite of the elite in both organizations, and at one time trained to conduct special forces operations behind the lines of the other’s country, both the Green Berets and Spetsnaz commandos are mobile killing machines.

Formed in the early 1950s, the U.S. Army Special Forces specialize in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism operations.  The U.S. Army Special Forces have been involved in nearly every U.S. military conflict from Vietnam to Bosnia to Afghanistan to Iraq.  They are capable of operating deep behind enemy lines and training a foreign country’s army, going as far as leading them in guerrilla warfare.  President John F. Kennedy authorized the U.S. Army Special Forces to wear its famous green beret as part of their uniform back in 1962.

Tracing its roots to World War 2 and not officially forming until 1949, the Russian Spetsnaz commandos specialize in reconnaissance, direct action, assassination, sabotage, and capturing political leaders.  The Spetsnaz go through a brutally tough training program.  If all else fails while in combat, the Spetsnaz carried one last grenade to ensure that they would not be captured alive.  The very name Spetsnaz can strike fear into the heart of the enemy.

Head-to-head, it’s tough to call which unit would win in simulated combat.  The weapons are going to be fairly equal in comparison, and the difference maker could come down to the individual soldiers themselves.  Either military would win when conducting an ambush on its counterpart, but head-to-head in a neutral situation, that’s a tough one.

I’d give a slight edge to the Russian Spetsnaz just because of their brutal training program.  The American forces are extremely tough and have the latest high-tech weapons, but I would still give a slight edge to the Spetsnaz for their tough warrior mentality.  Maybe that’s just from growing up in the 1980s and hearing the propaganda about the Soviet Union (a.k.a Russian Bear) and its military program.

U.S. Army Green Beret VERSUS  Russian Spetsnaz

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E04 – Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 04 — Genghis Khan versus Hannibal

In this next episode of Deadliest Warrior we have a great match-up of two of ancient history’s most legendary military leaders:  Genghis Khan and Hannibal.

Here we have a warrior from Carthage who made one of history’s boldest moves by taking his army through the Alps to launch a surprise attack on the Romans, to a warrior who used united tribes and used ruthless and brutal attacks to conquer most of Asia.  Separated by about 1,400 years and both fighting on horseback with steel weapons, a match-up of Hannibal and Genghis Khan should be epic and lasting down to the last man.

Let’s see how well these two legendary warriors and battlefield masterminds can compete in this episode of Deadliest Warrior.

Genghis Khan VERSUS Hannibal

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E04 – Pirate vs. Knight

Deadliest Warrior — Season 01, Episode 04 — Pirate versus Knight

In this episode of Deadliest Warrior you have a true test of technology versus an incredibly tough defense and awesome killing power.

In one corner you have an 18th century Caribbean pirate, a privateer who used gunpowder technology and cunning tactics to raid enemy ships and fortresses, kidnapping people and stealing treasure.  Standing in the other corner is one of the strongest, toughest, most fearsome military units of medieval Europe — the 15th century French knight.  Clad in armor from head to toe and carrying a variety of weapons from halberds to swords, for all essential purposes the knight was a walking tank; incredibly tough and equally deadly in a fight.

When it comes to a pirate battling a knight, one question comes to mind:  Can the ball fired from a flintlock pistol or blunderbuss penetrate the knight’s armor?

If so, then the pirate needs to keep his distance and keep using his firearms to kill the knight.

If unable to penetrate the armor, then the pirate is as good as dead.  His cutlass is going to have the hardest time trying to break the knight’s armor while the knight will have an easy time closing the distance and killing an unarmed pirate.

Will the Age of Gunpowder prevail in this cross-time match-up of two deadly warriors?

Pirate Blackbeard VERSUS medieval knight

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E03 – Ninja vs. Spartan

Deadliest Warrior — Season 01, Episode 03 — Ninja versus Spartan

Following on the heel’s of season one, episode two of Deadliest Warrior featuring a Samurai warrior, episode three features a ninja in a fictitious battle with a Spartan, a warrior in the ancient Greek army.

Right off the bat you know that this is a bogus match-up and the Spartan is going to win.


It’s simple.  The ninja was a master of assassination, infiltration and espionage from the feudal days of Japan.  He was not a straight up fighter like the Spartan.  The ninja is going to retreat to the shadows and strike when the Spartan is least expecting it, such as when he’s asleep at night.  A ninja is not going to challenge the Spartan to a fight out in the open.  With the Spartan’s shielding and strength and warrior mentality, the ninja would not be a fair match on an even playing field.

What makes this match-up of a ninja versus a Spartan fairly interesting is the incredible amount of time separating the two killers.  While the Spartans were biggest around the 6th-4th centuries B.C., the ninjas didn’t really appear until the 14th and 15th centuries A.D.  In other words, you’re looking at around 1,700 to 2,000 years separating these two warriors.

Ninja assassin VERSUS Spartan warrior

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E03 – U.S. Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operation Force (SOF)

Deadliest Warrior — Season 03, Episode 03 — U.S. Army Rangers versus North Korean Special Operation Force (SOF)

For the first time in the history of the show, tonight’s episode of Deadliest Warrior features a live segment with the hosts of the show texting live on Twitter.

Part of what makes this episode so interesting is that right now in the Korean Peninsula, both forces are standing on opposite sides of the 38th Parallel border.  This isn’t some strange match-up across the boundaries of space and time, but rather right here, right now.

Should war break out on the Korean Peninsula, both the U.S. Army Rangers and North Korean Special Operation Force will be the first troops to cross the border, both of them seeking out strategic, high-value targets to assist their respective country’s military.  Both organizations go through what is considered some of the best, most intense training in the world.  Both are tough, and both will do whatever it takes to win the battle.

Here in Deadliest Warrior, the simulated battle takes place on the Korean Peninsula giving home field advantage to the North Korean SOF.  But when you look at battlefield experience, the U.S. Army Rangers have led the way for each American armed conflict since the days of World War 2, with current experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Will that current experience make up for the North Korean SOF’s home field advantage?  Which organization of professional warriors will prevail in this mock match-up?

U.S. Army Rangers --- 75th Ranger Regiment VERSUS North Korean Special Operation Force (SOF)

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E02 – Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror

Deadliest Warrior – Season 03, Episode 02 – Joan of Arc versus William the Conqueror

The second episode of Deadliest Warrior‘s third season pits the legendary French fighter and leader Joan of Arc against William the Conqueror, a French duke who conquered England and crowned himself king.

Here we have a medieval battle of two legendary warriors, male and female, separated by about 350 years in time, with Joan of Arc wielding the more advanced technology.  Head to head, a male warrior would have an advantage over a female when it comes to size, strength and aggression.  But when you advance the technology of the female warrior, all of a sudden it’s anybody’s game.  This should be quite an interesting comparison between the two warriors and military leaders.

As it’s pointed out early in the Deadliest Warrior episode, one has to remember that Joan of Arc is only seventeen years old when she’s first leading French troops into battle against the English army.  Believing that she’s on a mission from God to rid her homeland from the English, the young warrior is inexperienced on the battlefield.  Joan of Arc was placed on trial and later executed at the age of nineteen, so her evolved battle tactics for future conflicts are unknown.  William the Conqueror, on the other hand, is more than twice as old as his female rival and has been on the battlefield nearly his entire life.  He has learned from past mistakes and used his victorious tactics to conquer the English crown in the Battle of Hastings and make himself king.

Will William the Conqueror’s battlefield experience be enough to give him the edge over an inexperienced but ingenious Joan of Arc wielding more advanced weapons and armor?

Joan of Arc VERSUS William the Conqueror

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S03E01 – George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

Deadliest Warrior – Season 03, Episode 01 – George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

Season three of Deadliest Warrior starts out with a great battle as the weapons and battle tactics of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte are put to the test.

These two superior generals could not have more opposite armies, both of which unleashed amazing devastation against their enemies.

George Washington’s army was a mixture of state militias and a conventional army, and the troops were armed with whatever they could find.  As it was pointed out, Washington’s cannon were cast in bronze and commonly made from melted down church bells and statues.  In addition, Washington used guerrilla tactics, striking with hit-and-run “Indian” tactics to set up for larger attacks with his regular army.

Napoleon Bonaparte, on the other hand, had the finest troops and equipment in Europe.  His artillery was professionally manufactured and capable of launching incredibly powerful (and accurate) attacks from long range.  Napoleon’s army was very large, and when the infantry was in battle formation, a massive amount of lead was about to head in your direction.  His tactics were deceitful at times and he laid traps for his enemies, crushing them with everything in his inventory once the trap was sprung.  The long-range 8-pound cannon and cavalry forces helped ensure that the enemy was not just defeated but destroyed.

Between Washington and Napoleon, I’d wager on Washington being the winner in this battle.  Napoleon had better artillery and superior infantry, but Washington, outnumbered by the mighty British forces during the American War for Independence, found a way to win battles and ultimately win the war.  His patience and unconventional battlefield tactics proved victorious in the end.

 George Washington VERSUS Napoleon Bonaparte

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E02 – Viking vs. Samurai

Deadliest Warrior – Season 01, Episode 02 – Viking vs. Samurai

Right off the bat I’ll say that Vikings and Samurai are two of my favorite fighting groups from history.

On one side you have highly disciplined, lightning fast warriors made famous during the feudal days of Japan, and on the other you have fierce warriors from ice cold Scandinavia made famous for their brutal aggression and terrifying raiding parties.  Both groups are armored, one using body armor and the other famous for wearing a helmet and carrying a tough shield.  Both carry long swords capable of killing opponents with ease.  And both are famous for their ways of arriving in battle, one on horseback and attacking on land, and the other riding on longships capable of sailing in the shallowest of water.

And both, Samurai AND Vikings, are fearsome, bad ass warriors.

Assuming that the Samurai and Viking arrive on foot and fight on an even playing field, it’s a tough call as to which one would win a battle.  I’d give a slight edge to the Samurai because of their discipline and lightning fast attacks, but the Vikings are still incredibly tough and aggressive, especially when going berserk.  Just take note that the Samurai has to kill the Viking without delay, otherwise it’s game over for the legendary Japanese warrior.

Viking warrior VERSUS Samurai warrior

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“Deadliest Warrior” – S01E01 – Apache vs. Gladiator

Deadliest Warrior – Season 01, Episode 01 – Apache vs. Gladiator

Deadliest Warrior is a TV show that uses scientific evidence and real life tests to analyze the weapons and fighting styles of warriors throughout history.  Each episode puts two organizations (or specific leaders) head-to-head and see which one would theoretically win in combat.

As a fan of military history, combat, fighting, and weapons in general, this show was a natural attraction for me.  And for the most part, the episodes are quite entertaining (and rather bloody at times.)  Since season three of Deadliest Warrior begins very, very soon, I figured it was about time to go back and start reviewing all of the episodes from seasons one and two.

Season one, episode one analyzes what would happen if an Apache warrior was to fight against a Roman Gladiator.  One of them is a lightweight, agile fighter who uses stealth and agility to kill, while the other is a stand-up, tough warrior who can take a beating and still kill with a variety of weapons.

Without looking ahead at the results, I’d say that head-to-head in an arena the gladiator would win.  However, if the fight was in terrain more suitable for an Apache, with trees and other hiding spots suitable for hit-and-run attacks, then I’d give the edge to the Apache.

Apache warrior VERSUS Roman Gladiator

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Last Week of Summer Break

Here in the Atlanta metro area, summer break is nearly finished.

Exactly one week from today is the first day of school — August 5, 2010.

Un-freakin-believable!  It’s still the middle of summer for cryin’ out loud!

This weekend will be busy with the back-to-school shoppers, though it’ll still be another week before people really get back into their routines of living it up on Friday and Saturday night and doing their grocery shopping and unwinding on Sunday afternoon and evening.

The last days of summer vacation.

Right now the neighborhoods are very quiet.  Nobody hangs out at the swimming pool and the streets are empty.  We are forecast to hit 96 degrees tomorrow and 97 on Saturday, but still, you need to get out there and enjoy these last few days of freedom before it’s back to the daily routine of getting up early and spending all day in various classrooms, only to come home and complete homework and study for the next day. Read more…

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The A-Team (2010) – movie review

Over twenty-seven years ago The A-Team aired its first regular season episode on television.  The action-oriented series, made famous for its elaborate yet often predictable sequences that always involved the team getting captured and then having them construct some sort of vehicle or weapon to escape and defeat the bad guys, while also being on the run from the military, was a smash hit and lasted for five seasons.

The A-Team movie poster

And now, twenty-three years later, the movie adaptation for The A-Team finally hit the theaters.

After seeing the film, a movie that I’ve been following rumors to for nearly ten years now, hoping, wishing and praying that the movie would finally be made, couldn’t have been more disappointed.  I should have wished for the movie to have been made correctly!  My bad!

The movie was an utter waste.  It’s a waste of time for those who enjoy good movies, and what Hollywood produced was a complete insult to fans of the legendary TV show.

So was there anything good in the movie? Read more…

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